If you didn’t know me then, you won’t know me now.

To be fucked up to the point where you feel moody if you show one ounce of emotion.

If you didn’t know me then, you won’t know me now.

Just on my way to the Riverland and saw this couple parked on the side of the road siting on their car watching the sunset together. How rarely I see those things, moments like that should be more common.

Mansell Reserve isn’t looking so green today.

Mansell Reserve isn’t looking so green today.

"We accept the love we think we deserve"
- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

It never occurred to me that the source of a lot of litter in the town could be due to crows. Waiting for the bus at centro today I saw one on top of a bin pulling stuff out with it’s beak and throwing it on the ground, then the wind blowing it away. Probably looking for food. It could at lease put the stuff back when it’s done. Daym.

"Truth lies at the heart of the art of combat", I hope to fully appreciate what this means one day.

Hate those times when I’m plagued with thoughts of good times. How things used to be once. Hope that things might go back that way someday, even though I know it will never happen. I wish I was rid of these memories.

My ears are so fucked right now. Somehow, I jumped in the water from like 2-3 metres and my ear-drums poped, which normally isn’t a painful experience, but this hurt in a way I really cannot describe. I think it was mainly annoying because the pain was so long-lasting and deep in the head, it really consumes you for a few moments there, which’s not too good when you’re drunk, tired, and in the river.

Just finished the “Avengers VS X-Men” story-arc, and it was amazing. But it also reminded me how long I’ve been out of comics, or rather, the gap between the comics I currently own and the current releases. I really need to get hold of a few more story-arcs, “House Of M”, “Messiah Complex”, and “Second Coming”. All mini-series like AVX but still a must.

New iPod Nano

Gimmick as it is, still thinking about getting a red one for charity. And I don’t technically have an mp3 player per say.

"A person who builds a chair does owe money to everyone who has ever built a chair"